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Nora Regaspi

CAMTC-Certified Massage Therapist


        I am originally from the Philippines. I received my Bachelor in Commercial Science at Jose Rizal University, Mandaluyong City, Philippines, major: Management; minor Accounting.

      In 1994 I joined a non profit organization wherein their main ministry is Education and pastoral ministry. In my first 5 years as member, I was assigned in both small and big schools as Finance Officer and Theology Professor.

        In 2003 I came to the United State as a Religious worker. From 2003-2008 I worked at St. Patrick Church in San Francisco as Parish Manager and from 2008 to 2011 I worked at St. Luke Catholic Church, Foster City as Office Manager.

        In January 2011 I feel so unhappy doing the same office routine and at the same time I’ve been suffering from chronic neck pain for almost 3 years. I’ve been to chiropractor for more than a year but it did not help me with the pain. With the feeling of unhappiness and pain that I had, I thought of changing my profession but before I can do that I need to feel better or to have an improve health. In my desire of finding solution to my problem I remembered that when I was young I was helped with massage. This time I did not just had a massage instead I decided to enroll in a massage school.

       In January 2011 I took an intensive course in massage therapy. In this course each student received massage everyday as part of the learning process and before the end of the course I feel better and my neck pain has improved a lot. This experience impelled me to know more of the intricacy of the human body so I decided to continue taking the advance course and Bodywork. I finished my course in Massage and Bodywork at San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork in April 2011.

          In August 2011 I quit my job and decided to start Nora’s therapeutic Touch Massage with the intention of helping others feel better as I’ve experienced.

          My bodywork focuses on meeting my client's body needs with intention, depth, and patience, using different modalities which include Swedish massage, Deep Tissue & Myofascial release, Cranio-Sacral, Sports massage, and Ortho-Bionomy. I am especially comfortable working with neck and back issues.

          I am certified by the California Massage Therapy Council as a Massage Therapist. Currently I have my own practice at 870 Market Street, #401, San Francisco, California and at the same time working at Massage Envy.

         I can say that massage is my passion and my profession and I am doing this to share that passion and to help other people improve their health through massage.


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